Ieva Rižė (b. 1988) is a young generation sculptor, visual and performance artist who uses archiving strategies of items, images and sounds in her work. Collected seeds and splinters, a sheet of wood marked with portobello mushroom spores, the sheds of a snake grown by the artist, a piece of leather soaked in the pollen of a disintegrating bouquet, or already used joint compresses, as unique artifacts of decay, become part of new creative motifs in Rižė’s work. Accumulating and capturing objects for the artist is associated with their conceptual processing and sorting. Objects appropriated in nature and everyday life become riddles that have no answer, but hide the feeling that they are solvable, that the answer lies behind the accumulated details of life. While creating performative events, Ieva is interested in the temporality and decay of the biological body. “We are fluid, change is fast, and reality is relative”,- says the artist.

In 2017, Ieva Rižė completed her bachelor’s studies in monumental painting and scenography at the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, in 2023 she completed her master’s studies in sculpture at the same Academy. The artist has exhibited at CAC, Vilnius; Studium P, Vilnius; 427 gallery, Riga; SpLab, Aarhus; Auditorium Saint-Germain, Paris, etc.



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Installation view: Uncanny, VRM Palace of Culture, Entertainment and Sport, Vilnius. Photo by Lukas Mykolaitis
9 September – 30 September 2022

Ieva Rižė
Uncanny, 2022

Ieva Rižė
Neegzistuojančio sodo archeologija I, 2022

Ieva Rižė
Neegzistuojančio sodo archeologija II, 2022

Ieva Rižė
Neegzistuojančio sodo archeologija III, 2022

Ieva Rižė
Neegzistuojančio sodo archeologija IV, 2022

Ieva Rižė
Neegzistuojančio sodo archeologija V, 2022

Happening view: Ieva Rižė, To guests as to celebration, 2020

Installation view: Head With Many Thoughts, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Photo by Andrej Vasilenko
14 February – 03 June 2020

Ieva Rižė
/ʃ t ɑː b i k ʌ s/ – a safe place to feel present, 2018–2020


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