Gasparas Zondovas
curated by Milda Januševičiūtė
2 February – 1 March 2024

…but at the moment, just for a bit, instead of succumbing to the demands of this impatient world, I choose to embrace my boredom. I welcome it not as a void but as a deliberate act of defiance against the ongoing demand for perpetual motion. I enjoy this rare luxury, and amidst the stillness, I discover a mysterious dubiofossil. It reminds me of something very familiar, but I can’t trace its origins. It looks like a stone, but it might also be paper or glass; it is both tangible and transparent like mist. I almost caught it, feeling the urge to actualize it as a scientific piece – something meaningful for everyone to see, or at least important for the academic community. I try to grasp it, but I can’t find any proof to counter my doubts. A few moments later, I discover new inspirations – the interplay of beam and shadow, the light whispers nestled within the noise of collective voices:

        – Brush your teeth and oscillate with microfossils. Diatoms, the tiny planktons, lend grit to the morning ritual – microscopic wonders unseen yet everywhere, a constellation of shapes and chemicals mixing with your toothpaste foam. Or coccolithophores, the masses of beaches, painting the shores with white brilliance. Imagine their movement beneath the waves.*

       – You don’t see the shape, the creature itself, or the shape of the organism; you see spikes of chemicals that may represent that animal. But then again, to create those kinds of spikes, you have to destroy the fossil in the first place. **

Dubio (from Latin dubio – ‘doubt’) is a solo exhibition by visual artist Gasparas Zondovas. His practice encompasses sculpture, drawing, design, and 3D modelling, revealing an interest in industrial design and painterly compositions. The works form a network of random connections that subtly address anthropological reflections, simultaneously creating and dismantling links with reality.

In the exhibition, the artist delves into the concept of “dubiofossil,” blending doubt with fragility to create a narrative of uncertainty and curiosity. The artist’s sculptures, delicate yet robust, embody the dual nature of doubt and fossilisation, prompting a contemplation on time, transformation, and inspiration.

Text and curation by Milda Januševičiūtė

Graphic design by Jokūbas Juršėnas

Light design by Adomas Kaikaris

Text editing by Alexandra Bondarev

Photodocumentation by Adomas Kaikaris

Technical support by Dovydas Jucys and Šarūnas Baltrukonis

Warmest thanks: Ervinas Blažys, Natalia Jagielska, Urtė Katiliūtė, Simas Meižis, Kuro Aparatūra.

* ** Loosely based on fragments from the conversation with palaeontologist Natalia Jagielska.

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